This design intervention merges decorative light projections with experimental branding. Samsung Finland and Cheil Nordic invited Lighting Design Collective (LDC) to explore new approaches for decorative store window lighting to support Galaxy A3 and EDGE S6 campaigns. The concept seeks to create vibrant storefronts drawing attention through engaging light projection rich in movement and colour.

The projection uses brand-specific materials and colour as well as a mix of playful 3D graphics and generative content developed by UNSTATIC.

UNSTATIC proprietary content engine application was modified to create a generative sea scape which then automatically switched to the video content on store opening to promote the Galaxy S6 launch. The application also acts as a video player, and controls the context based content scheduling. The branding content was a 3D video created with Klang!

Seven locations across the Nordic countries namely two stores in Copenhagen, one in Aarhus, two stores in Oslo, one store in Helsinki and one in Oulu.

Concept & Lighting Design: Lighting Design Collective (
Digital Content software: UNSTATIC Technologies
Location: Helsinki and Oulu – Finland, Copenhagen and Aarhus-Denmark, Oslo – Norway
Client: Samsung
Agency: Cheil Nordic
Motion Graphics: Klang!