Digital Content Engines

During the past 5 years we have developed a framework of real-time, generative content engines that produce easily customisable complex light patterns that do not repeat. The engines are algorithmic with parametric triggers and do not require any video or other visual base material. The system can be integrated with practically any dynamic lighting control systems available on the market, including Artistic License, Pharos, Martin, Osram/Traxon and Philips as well as any luminaires and systems working with ArtNet or DMX protocols.

Custom Content Engines

Starting with our base content engine, new custom real-time content engines can be coded to fulfil the specific lighting concept vision and other project specific requirements.

Interactivity and Data

We are specialists in interactivity and data driven algorithms. We can integrate our engines with external triggers and interaction devices of any kind, including cameras and computer vision, radars and 3D sensors. We can also easily integrate external online data feeds ranging from weather data to twitter feeds, daylight harvesting and just about anything the designer wants.

Updates and Maintenance

We are able to provided content maintenance services, including remote server monitoring to the clients that requires it. Our content engine is designed to be easily expanded, and content updates are part of our scope of services when requested. We also provided technical guidance and onsite support for the integration of our engines in existing projects.

Motion graphics and Videomapping

Light is our medium, in any form. We offer technical advice and custom content services for temporary and permanent installations using real time graphics, video and motiongraphics, videomapping, laser, etc. Just ask us!


We provide software packages, API and content engines as fully customised OEM packages for system providers, manufacturers and AV integrators.