UNSTATIC is an art + technology studio

specialised in the use of light. From dynamic architectural lighting to screens, projections and lasers, we have experience in light in all its forms.

We explore transforming physical places with the power of light, colour and sound to shape and modify our perception.

We work in the space where digital and real-world meet.

We torture technology to make it behave

in artistic ways

And by artistic we mean taking the freedom to be novel and experiential, shaping spaces in a way that persist in the memory of people — a very relevant aspect for art, but also fields ranging from architecture to branding and marketing.

We believe in the beauty of randomness

and mathematics as the language of nature

Nature never repeats, but its predictable patterns have a level of entropy that inspire us.

Biomimetics (the mimicking of biological patterns trough mathematical models) allows us to reproduce complex behaviours, based on the accumulation of controlled randomness and simple rules, and we use it to create non-repetitiveness in our installations.

We explore innovative ways to visualise data

and create emotions with it

We like to explore data visualisation techniques in s subtle way. When you use abstract but recognisable patterns, the people in the space can learn how to read those patterns over time.

We can transmit information in ways that are different from just a screen.

Our work can be active

evolving as time passes.

It can be interactive

and reflect the spectator actions.

And it can be reactive

using the accumulation of behaviours to represent the more significant patterns that emerge from simple rules.

We work from concept

to execution and upkeep

helping our clients to adapt our installations to their changing needs.

We are based in London

We work worldwide

Over 75 projects delivered in 20 countries and 32 cities.