Project Description

Algorithmic Media Façade

Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2015
Main Concept: Randomness


Client: NH Hotel Group

Concept & Lighting Design: Lighting Design Collective (

Custom Software Development: UNSTATIC

Architect: L35 Architects

Specialist lighting installer: Susaeta

Main Lighting Supplier: Osram/Traxon

Video by: (

We teamed with LDC to create a purely generative media façade in Madrid, creating an evolving content that never repeats.

In this project, technology is concealed, hidden. Only the light is visible, not the fixtures, so it will never look outdated.

During daylight, the Corian slabs in the façade look like solid concrete, but they are translucent. When the natural sunlight fades, the plates start emitting white light, waking up and taking over the first floor of the building.

Our custom software creates an endless set of unique, non-repetitive patterns extracted from nature. It is a pure form of biomimicry, the movements of a bird flock simulated through mathematical models, reproducing complex behaviours based on the accumulation of controlled randomness and simple rules.

The building’s modernist clean and rigid forms and lines contrast with the organic and soft behaviour of the light. It feels like a shadow is moving across the façade, not a light moving through it. Over time it will evolve and find new patterns, new shapes.

The pace of this installation’s behaviour, it’s relation with time, and the uniqueness of every pattern, relates to the urban rhythm, acting as a welcoming flow for guests and passersby.

It also has a custom user interface that allows more explicit communication in the form of a “Ticker.”