Project Description

Amandolier Building

Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Year: 2018
Main Concept: Active


Client: SPG-RYTZ – Prorenova

Concept & Lighting Design: Lighting Design Collective (

Custom Software Development: UNSTATIC

Specialist lighting installer: Rhône-Electra

Main Lighting Supplier: Grupo MCI

Lighting Control Hardware: Pharos Architectural Controls, Artistic License

For the Amandolier building in Geneva, UNSTATIC was commissioned to create the control software to drive the digital façade designed by Lighting Design Collective.

The content is scheduled seasonally, and the client controls the building lighting in real-time using a web interface.

A reconception of an iconic media façade takes place when daylight fades. The real-time data integration communicates a unique artistic expression emerging in soothing natural flows of light and powerful geometries enticed from the architectural background.

The building is a minimalistic cube. A glass skin in dialogue with the surroundings, responds to the fluctuations in the light conditions inside and outside.

It is transparent during the day, but also reflects the pulsing pace of the city and the ever-shifting sky. Repeated geometry results in a blank canvas for lighting, giving a sense of order. The grid modules can group in segments or floors playing with the perceived scale of the building.

GEOMETRIES, the first content set is inspired by the structure.

WEATHER, the second content set, incorporates online real-time temperature, wind and humidity data. The data analysis and parameterization triggers changes in the digital content by visual algorithms. Cold temperatures result in cooler tonalities or wind speed increase makes the patterns move faster. This is a “cybernetic loop”: an object within an urban context affects its surroundings and the surroundings affect the object.

8 BIT, the third content set plays with the façade grid, generating pixel art digital content taking each window as one pixel. The aesthetic recalls the 8-bit and 16-bit old school computer graphics. It can also celebrate Switzerland and other countries national days, sports accomplishments or solidarity by displaying 20 different flags.

This piece is an open canvas, allowing a great deal of experimentation in the future.


  • Winner – Architecture – German Design Award 2019
  • Finalist – Advanced Digital Architecture – Rebuild 2019
  • Finalist – Concepts / Plus-Architecture + Color – Architizer A+ Awards 2019
  • Shortlisted – Best Exterior Lighting Scheme – Darc Awards 2018